Welcome to the University-wide General Education Curriculum

The University-wide General Education Curriculum helps each of our students attain the fundamental skills and the broad base of knowledge and understanding that all college-educated adults must have, whatever their specific areas of concentration. 


We invite you to take advantage of General Education to explore the many academic fields offered at the University of Arizona and to build an educational foundation you can use for years to come.  It is important that you discuss your options with an advisor in your chosen College so that your choices will be as informed as possible and will lead directly to the accomplishment of your educational goals. 

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General Education defines what it means to be a University of Arizona graduate. Consequently, our best faculty should teach General Education courses.

The University-wide General Education Committee encourages you to develop a new General Education course or teach an exisiting course within your department.  Once your course is approved for a General Education requirement, there are resources to help you implement innovative methods to connect with today's generation.

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The University-wide General Education Committee (UWGEC) is charged with the review and approval of all courses that satisfy General Education Requirements, the periodic assessment of the courses, recommendations on policy in relation to General Education, and dissemination of General Education information to the campus community. Effective in Fall 2010, the Committee is also responsible for the review and approval of all Success Courses--those that meet the definition as stated in the General Catalog.

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